Maple Syrup in Plastic Jug

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Our 100% Pure, Grade A maple syrup is available in 4 grades

  • Golden Color Delicate Taste: pale golden color and mild maple flavor. We love drizzling Golden on Vanilla ice cream or an afternoon berries and yogurt snack.

  • Amber Color Rich Taste: Tawny amber color and rich maple flavor. Amber is the most popular grade and a great all around syrup. Enjoy it on your pancakes, or, our favorite, as a coffee sweetener.

  • Dark Color Robust Taste: Dark bronze color and full-bodied maple flavor. Dark Robus makes an awesome salad dressing when added with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Also great on pancakes and waffles.

  • Very Dark Color Strong Taste: Very dark brown color and strong maple flavor. Very Dark is our favorite for glazing ribs or basting on chicken because the maple flavor will come through against other strong flavors. This used to be called Grade B, but there is nothing inferior about it.

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